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Jack Pine Tribune Oct 2013
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Tony Keith: You Canít Tell Him he Canít


ďCanítĒ is a funny word. It only exists if you choose to believe itís true. It can only slow you down if you let it and itís never a surety. Inspiring things can happen when itís ignored altogether. Doors are opened and those who believe there is no place in life for the word will fly through those doors like a bullet from a hot barrel. Sometimes you just need someone to help pull the trigger.

Tony Keith of West Branch is a man who loves a good challenge. Heís gotten used to overcoming obstacles. He faces them each and every day. The simplest task that most take for granted can be a real trial for Tony. Trials have a different meaning to him though. To him they are opportunities. They are opportunities to fulfill a dream. They are a chance to prove that ďcanítĒ is something that we could all live without. As a c6 incomplete quadriplegic, Tony has no choice but to live this way. Itís what pushes him forward. His can-do attitude is where this story starts.

ďNobody can tell me what I can and canít do,Ē said Tony. ďIf someone says I canít do it, Iíll try it anyway. Canít is not in my vocabulary,Ē he proudly added.

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