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10 Ways to start living healthy today...


Today we continue this very long yet important topic. Just to recap the first 7 ways to dramatically improve one’s health are as follows: the elimination of tap water, the elimination of microwave cooking, the elimination of extremely addictive and disease causing high glycemic carbohydrates (any product made with sugar or white refined flour), getting proper sleep, eating only whole non processed organic food, a full elimination of aluminum and Teflon cookware from the house hold and drawing a line with medications by addressing the root of the problem (if possible) and refusing to participate in a cycle of prescriptions which only cover up symptoms. Today we will focus on the least expensive and quickest way to improve ones health, positive thought.

Positive thought is a subject, which is preached frequently by the world’s most successful business people but is almost completely absent elsewhere in our society. For some strange reason business leaders have found that actually repeating their goals or physically writing them down almost insures their quick accomplishment. One student of the famous motivational speaker Tony Robbins recently set a goal of winning $150,000 in 12 weeks and won the lottery, to just over that amount, in 11 weeks. Tony Robbins and his organization were more amazed when the same lady duplicated the feat a second time. The lady wrote down her goal, constantly thought about the subject in a positive manner and won a second lottery. Tony Robbins told this amazing story at a subsequent seminar only to have a new couple state that when they would return home they would try to duplicate the original story by pretending that they had already won a million dollars in the lottery. The couple used the "act rich and you will be rich" notion and the other amazing lottery winning story as the foundation for their attempt at positive thinking and success. Two months later the couple won just over 1 million dollars. Although no scientific explanation can be tabled for such an occurrence it is the medical field itself, which holds the largest collection of concrete evidence supporting the power of positive thinking and its relation to dramatic if not miraculous improvements in health.

The placebo effect is something, which has occurred and is guaranteed to occur in every medical drug trial. The placebo effect is actually one of the most important keys to health improvement and disease elimination ever stumbled upon. Although the placebo effect has been present in absolutely every medical drug trial ever conducted, its amazing potential for curing disease is completed ignored. Why? Drug companies sell drugs, not cures.

The placebo effect is a predictable curing of a patient’s syndromes or disease, without medication. In a scientific medical drug trial, patients are given the drug being tested and an equal amount of patients are given a white pill (a pill with no medication). The non-medication pill is called the "placebo". The percentages of patients being cured of the targeted symptom or disease after taking a white pill with no medication in it…an whooping 5-60 percent.

The people conducting these drug trials know this effect is guaranteed to occur before the trial even begins. In short the placebo effect alone proves, without a doubt, that patients can improve their health and even cure disease with the way they think. (Their beliefs) If a patient is given a placebo in the form of a white tablet the curing effect starts off in the low range. If a patient is given a placebo in the form of a red capsule the curing effect increases dramatically. If a patient is given a placebo in the form of an injection the curing effect has risen in some cases to near 60%. The evidence is overwhelming. The stronger the belief, the more powerful the health improvement. Positive thought can actually shape a result.

Today we live in a society with more wealth then any other time in history yet we also have the highest level of depression, anxiety, divorce, drug use, violence, prescription medication use, fitness club participation, suicide, obesity, learning disorders and disease. In many studies people who live long and healthy lives only share one common trait. The one common trait they share….positive thinking. They do not take like all that seriously. Could it be that simple?

The primary disease potential of sugar/wheat based food is that it turns your blood acidic and it is that acidic nature that leaches calcium out of your bones and starts the cascade of tissue decay and disease that plagues so many good citizens today. When your blood is acidic it works like real acid and starts to dissolve everything from your arteries to your bones. Did you know that fungus; yeast and cancer grow rapidly in an acidic (sugar rich) environment. Did you know that thinking in a negative way has been proven to raise the acidity of your blood in less then a second? What is your attitude when you meet the day? How do you react to life’s challenges? Is life a 5-alarm fire or a series of humors events?

Get out there, have fun and do not take life so seriously because it appears life itself has a way of rewarding the positive thinkers and punishing the negative thinkers.

Author:  Jason Christoff is a certified Paul Chek Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach Level 1, President of Revolution Training Systems and owns Physical Limits in Cornwall and Body Boomers Fitness Club in Whitby Ontario





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